Snake eats croc: Photos spark global media frenzy

PHOTOS and video of a tussle between a python and a crocodile have sparked a world-wide media frenzy.

Mount Isa resident Marvin Muller has had his syndicated with London-based photo agency Barcroft and they have already been picked up by news outlets throughout the world.

Today he was contacted by The Huffington Post and the story was aired on a number of US television channels.

"I googled my name and crocodile and they're just about everywhere," Mr Muller said.

Barcroft owns the rights to his work throughout the world, with the exception of Australia.

"It's amazing how it's spread throughout the world," Mr Muller said.

"We were happy just to get the photos in the local paper."

The photos and videos that captured world attention

Mount Isa’s Alyce Rosenthal took a photo of the snake strangling the crocodile and was amazed by the response.

“It’s a bit crazy,” she said.

Ms Rosenthal said it was certainly something you didn’t see every day.

“It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” she said.

“When we were there the canoe ladies said they’d been there for at least three hours.”

She said a Facebook post with her photo had attracted dozens of comments.

Yesterday she fielded calls from The Brisbane Times and Channel 10 about her photo.

University of Queensland snake expert Associate Professor Bryan Fry said it was not uncommon for a python to devour a fresh water crocodile.

Mr Fry said while water pythons usually targeted smaller animals and rodents, small fresh water crocodiles were easy prey.

“Crocs are more dangerous but easier to sneak up on,” he said.

“Up in Kakadu, for example, they feed heavily on small rodents but that’s not to say they won’t take the crocs as well. The problem is they are risking being injured or killed, so they have to be judicious.”

Associate Professor Fry said for a water python to successfully overpower and then devour a small crocodile, a lot more time was required than for smaller animals, which left pythons vulnerable to attack.

 He said the feast would keep the reptile satisfied for about a month.

“Now it might go and find a hollow in the mud and tuck itself away for a while.”

- With The Brisbane Times

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