Young mother issues a warning after toddler picks up syringe 

A SIMPLE walk back from the shops became a distressing experience for North Nowra mother Chanelle Joyce when her two-year-old daughter Marley picked up a used syringe.

“Marley looked like she was just playing in some gravel and then I turned around she was holding a needle – a syringe,” Ms Joyce said.

“I am so thankful Marley is a quick thinker and has been told when she finds something sharp to give it to me.”

Ms Joyce, her three-year-old son Mason and Marley were walking back from the shops and found the needle near Sharman Park.

Sharman Park is home to a local soccer club. Ms Joyce said a football player, not wearing footy boots, could have trod on the needle.

She added any child from the neighbourhood could have suffered a needle stick injury.

She disposed of the needle straight away by wrapping it tightly in plastic and putting it in the closest bin.

Ms Joyce said it was sad people were addicted to drugs but she never expected someone in a residential area like North Nowra could do something so senseless.

“Whoever left the needle there is a piece of crap,” she said.

Her message for everyone is to not be complacent and to keep a look out for needles in places like parks.

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