Children get a lesson in milking

JUST where does milk come from?

Many youngsters think it comes from a carton on a supermarket shelf.

But schoolchildren visiting the dairy section of this year’s Nowra Show were given a firsthand look at where and how milk is produced.

Two milking demonstrations were held throughout the morning’s judging, at which children and other interested spectators were shown how cows are milked.

Pat Muller undertook the first demonstration, showing children how cows were milked by hand before the invention of milking machines.

Three Nowra Public School year 2 students, Sophie Elliott, Kaylah Cheney and Eric Janes, even got the chance to get up close and watch as Mr Muller started milking the cow by hand.

He then used a portable milking machine to show how the modern-day cows were milked.

During the demonstration Mr Muller explained how a cow’s lactation works, how much milk they can produce and what feed is needed to ensure they produce to their best ability.

The students had the demonstration well covered.

All three knew where milk came from and were keen to get a firsthand look.

“It’s good to be able to watch the cow being milked,” Eric said.

“I want to taste what fresh cow’s milk tastes like.”

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