Call for police cadets to patrol the Basin

BUSINESS owner Les Corish thinks he has an idea that will get more police on the beat in the Bay and Basin area but it does not involve bricks and mortar.

“I think they should bring the cadets from the Police Academy down here and give them on-the-beat experience,” he said.

“They would need a senior officer to be with them and the Goulburn academy is, after all, not far away from us.”

His solution would see a greater police presence in the Bay and Basin area.

Like many residents, Mr Corish is sick of the talk about getting a police station built in Sanctuary Point.

“What is the point of giving us a new police station when the one we have over in Huskisson is not even manned all the time,” he said.

As he goes about managing the IGA supermarkets in St Georges Basin and Sanctuary Point, Mr Corish speaks to many local residents and said he knew what they wanted to see – and that was more police on the beat.

“More police on the beat would be a deterrent to crime and elderly residents in particular would feel a lot safer,” he said.

Mr Corish, who is a big fan of the Shoalhaven police, said its officers did a fantastic job.

However, he wants to see more of them.

He loved seeing a group of officers riding bicycles around the area during the recent holidays.

“People were coming into the supermarket at Sanctuary Point saying how good it was to see to the police out and about,” he said.

St Georges Basin resident Col Louden supported Mr Corish’s call for more police on the beat.

The two will be thinking about ways they can raise the issue and get something done.

Stopping hoons who drive dangerously around the local streets is one of Mr Louden’s missions.

He has adopted a hands-on approach to stopping local hoons.

“I will call the police straight away – no matter the hour – and supply them with information on the hoons,” he said.

He gives the police all sorts of information, including makes and models of the cars.

Mr Louden said more community members should be proactive and supply police with the information they need.

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