Nowra Show 2014 - Larger than life

NOWRA Show offers patrons an enormous amount of variety and an enormous amount of bullock.

Brahman bullock to be exact, in the form of Charlie, a very familiar sight.

Charlie is an eight-year-old Brahman bullock who thinks he’s a person.

Garry and Robyn Nelson from Falls Creek raised him to be quiet and tame, but he decided to take to children of his own accord.

The Nelsons have been taking the gentle giant to the Nowra Show for five years. 

“He is becoming the face of the Nowra Show, he is very popular,” Mrs Nelson said.

“I think Charlie is Garry’s mid-life crisis. Some guys buy a Harley Davidson, Garry’s got Charlie.”

However Mr Nelson did manage to add a Harley to his ‘mid-life crisis’ in the form of a baby Brahman bullock that he named Harley. 

“Harley is only 18-months-old,” Mr Nelson said.

“We hope he will be making an appearance at the Nowra show with Charlie. We hope to break him in like Charlie.”

Each year at the show Mr Nelson puts a saddle on Charlie and they make their way through the crowds on Friday and Saturday.

“As soon as I back the truck up to the ramp I can hear the kids yelling ‘Charlie’s here’,” Mr Nelson said.

“When we are moving about the show if Charlie sees a group of children he slowly drifts toward them.

“There is a real wow factor as Charlie walks through the crowd and I get a lot of pleasure out of seeing people interact with him.

“He is just so placid, people love to come up and pat him,” Mr Nelson said. 

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