In like twins at Callala Public School

TAKE a brief look at Callala Public School’s 2014 intake of kindergarten students and you’ll be forgiven for thinking you are seeing double.

This year the school has four sets of twins. Luckily, they have staff on hand with plenty of experience, being twins themselves.

Shelley Kellett is a teacher at the school and her twin sister Lisa Cornell works in administration. They see nothing unusual about working together – they’ve always done it.

“Even working part-time in school we both worked at Coles,” Mrs Cornell said.

“Then we worked at the Westpac Bank and now here at Callala Public School.

“I can’t sense when Shelley is hurt like some twins, but occasionally we have bought each other the same gift. 

“We even had our first children only seven weeks apart. That wasn’t planned either.

“Being twins is a special bond. She’s not just a sister, she is my best friend.”

They either see each other every day or speak to each other on the phone every day, “much to our husbands’ disgust”, Mrs Cornell said.

“Actually although they’d never admit it, I think our husbands look a bit alike too.

“The students we have here who are twins probably don’t realise it yet but they are very lucky to have a twin sibling. I don’t know any twins who don’t get on,” she said. 

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