Young locals still like Facebook over other social media

PEOPLE say the popular social media site Facebook is starting to fade with new websites such as Instagram, Twitter and Ask FM taking over the virtual universe.

But younger people in the Shoalhaven think otherwise. 

“I use Facebook because it is the most popular social media website and the other websites are hard to use and can become boring,” Patrick Finlay from Nowra said.

The 16-year-old uses Facebook every day on his phone and feels the likes he receives on pictures and on comments determine his self-worth.

“If you don’t get any likes, you feel that no one likes you or doesn’t want to be your friend,” he said.  

Facebook is more popular with the younger generations, especially with 10 to 13-year-olds, as the site gives them their own space.   

“A lot of younger people use Facebook, and they expose more of themselves online. The older generation does not seem to use Facebook as much,” said Bomaderry resident, Shane Jansen, 16. 

Shane said Facebook was booming with younger local people.

“I have 1497 Facebook friends, but I only have met about 400 of them in real life,” he said.

Facebook is still the largest social media site with 721 million users worldwide.   

Aimee-Lyn Wilson, 16, from Berry said Facebook overpowered other social media sites with a more user-friendly interface.  

“I have an Instagram account, however I rarely use it because I find Facebook is less boring and you can talk to more people,” she said. 

Aimee-Lyn said Facebook was a practical website that had other qualities than socialising with friends. 

“Facebook is helpful to keep in contact with people and is an easy site to use. You can also play games while on Facebook.”

All three Bomaderry High School students feel that the site can become addictive. 

“Facebook can become very addictive, and I probably spend about eight hours a week on the social media site, however it is good because you can talk to people who have moved away from your area, for example my friend who moved to Queensland,” Shane said. 

“I only have 119 friends and I know all of them in real life, however I only go on Facebook for about five hours per week,” Aimee-Lyn said.

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