Register journo on thin ice  

REGISTER journalist Robert Crawford has had rough week, crushing cars in a monster truck and tapping into his inner ice skater.

The 17-day 2014 Ice Escape at the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre is under way.

Good crowds enjoyed the opening day activity on the 25metre by 15metre ice rink which is the centre piece of the entertainment centre’s current configuration into a winter wonderland.

Thursday morning’s opening session promised plenty of excitement as the first skaters to hit the ice in 2014, including obviously a number of first time skaters, myself included.

From monster trucks one day to ice skating the next it’s certainly been an action packed week to return to work.

I’ve played, watched and reported on lots of sports over the years, how hard could ice skating be?

I would like to say I’m an expert and sailed gracefully around the rink without a care in the world.

That’s how I pictured it in my head anyway.

I roller skated as a youngster. I can remember when the roller skating rink opened in Bomaderry.

But to be honest I have never felt so un-coordinated in all my life.

At the start it felt like I was on an alien planet as I came to terms with the icy surface – the perimeter fence was definitely one of my best friends.

But after a while, a lot of advice, encouragement and the odd fall I did manage to get the hang of it.

At one point I felt like I resembled a European windmill from some country as my arms flailed in all directions trying to keep balance.

Much to the amusement of many of my work colleagues.

I didn’t succumb to using one of penguin aids made for children but as many of the youngsters whizzed past me it did cross my mind.

 “Lean forward, think you are riding a bike or a horse, heels together, toes out” I got all the advice and at the end I did manage to make a number of unaided laps around the rink.

But I did come to the obvious conclusion that I’ll never be a Torvill or Dean.

Ice escapes runs until January 25 with a host of different packages and programs available including ice cave parties, retro night, disco and movie nights and even an a new advanced skating session.

For more information check out the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre website or go to the centre yourself and experience it first-hand.

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