You say Jervis, I say Jarvis: is the debate over?

THE great debate could finally come to an end with the discovery of some vital information regarding the correct pronunciation of Jervis Bay.

A letter from the Canberra Times from Monday, June 11, 1928 from Mr Jervis Manton states the correct pronunciation is in-fact “Jervis”.

The letter states: The Speaker of the House of Representatives (Sir Littleton Groom), has received a letter from Mr Jervis Manton, which reads as follows:

“There seems to be a growing inclination in Australia to mispronounce the name Jervis Bay.  May I please assure you that the correct pronunciation of this word is Jervis and not Jarvis. 

“Sir Thomas Jervis was a relative of my grandmother, and god-father to my father who, throughout his lifetime, was always called Jervis. 

“If you will do what you can to maintain the correct pronunciation of Jervis I shall be glad.”

Shoalhaven City Councillor and former Mayor Greg Watson made the announcement via Facebook on Friday that he had discovered the evidence.

“For the last thirty years plus, I have been saying it should be pronounced Jervis not Jarvis. 

“My comments have been based on the historic pronunciation used by the old families that have lived in the Shoalhaven for generations.”

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