Campaign to stop assaults on paramedics

PARAMEDICS have urged the community to be mindful over the silly season with their launch of the If You Hurt a Paramedic anti-violence campaign.

In 2013 the NSW Ambulance Services received 133 separate reports of paramedics being assaulted or abused. 

This is an increase of 50 incidents in 2012.

The incidents have ranged from verbal abuse and death-threats to spitting, punching and assaults with a weapon. 

NSW Ambulance Service chief executive Ray Creen said this is unacceptable and this behaviour will not be tolerated.

“Educating community members is one of the steps in eliminating this behaviour,” said Mr Creen.

“Every paramedic is somebody’s mother, sister, brother or grandfather.

“I want to create a culture where no form of verbal or physical abuse is tolerated and all incidents are immediately reported,” he said. 

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