Derelict asbestos shacks to come down

DEMOLITION of three derelict asbestos houses in Murdoch Street, Huskisson should be complete before Christmas.

After years of community campaigning and numerous court cases brought by Shoalhaven City Council to force the owners to remove the buildings, action is under way.

The owners of the building live overseas and had been difficult to contact.

Council took the issue to the Land and Environment Court, however the owners and their legal representation did not appear.

And they had not complied with court orders to remove the buildings.

After all avenues to force the owners to remove the buildings were exhausted, council contracted Shoalhaven Excavations to demolish the structures.

Council will pass on the cost of the demolition to the owners.

Owner of Shoalhaven Excavations Daniel Jones said the community could be assured the demolition would be completed before Christmas.

Chairman of the Huskisson Woollamia Community Voice Garry Kelson had previously said he would not be surprised if Shoalhaven ratepayers ended up footing the bill to demolish the cottages.

However he said he would rather see the derelict buildings removed now and let the courts chase the owners for the money later.

“We have been lobbying to have these buildings removed on the grounds of safety for three years,” he said.

“We are heading into prime holiday time. We also have the Hobie World Championships coming up and these houses are right next to Moona Moona Creek which is a very popular picnic area, particularly with families.” 

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