Sewage spill pollutes Marriott Park

ON Tuesday night a blockage in sewerage pipes caused an overflow into the stormwater system at Marriott Park, for the second time this year. 

Shoalhaven Water staff cleared the blockage, which was upstream of the park, and used tankers to pump out the overflow yesterday.

The problem originated in a junction connecting a private property to the main line. 

Shoalhaven Water director Carmel Krogh said a contractor hired by council was responsible. 

“The contractor was relining the pipe and didn’t cut the junction properly,” she said. 

Ms Krogh said the spate of recent problems was caused by a major project to reline old pipes in the area. Many of the pipes pass under Marriott Park. 

In August a blockage in a different sewerage line caused another overflow in the park.

In that case the blockage was caused by debris in the pipes becoming snagged.

“You wouldn’t believe some of the stuff we find in the pipes,” Ms Krogh said. 

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