Racetrack costs in the spotlight

RESIDENTS and councillors have raised concerns and questions following information revealed at last week’s meeting with Motorcycling NSW.

It was the first time public comments were made about the organisation’s proposal for a $15 million motorsport complex at Yerriyong.

Spokesperson for the Parma and Yerriyong Community Group Mark Cameron said residents were not against the proposal just its location.

Mr Cameron said the meeting failed to answer residents’ concerns. 

“We are not going to lie down and take this,” Mark Cameron said.

“I don’t think there was a person at the meeting who would say it is a wonderful idea to have this built on top of us.

“I am a motorcyclist, I’ve been to watch races at Bathurst. I am not against motor sports.

“I and this community support such a complex, just not in that location.

“Surely there is Crown land available further west on Braidwood Road. Put it 10 minutes down the road,” Mr Cameron said.

Other unanswered questions the residents raised concerned who would pay for road maintenance needed to cope with the extra traffic.

“Motorcycling NSW stated they would pay for water, power and sewerage for the complex.

“But what about upgrading the roads, who pays for that?

“Who will pay for the purchase of the land?” he asked.

Councillor Andrew Guile released a statement on Monday critical of council’s handling of the venture.

“We have heard a lot of talk about the benefits of this race track from the mayor and now from the proponent.

“Does that mean that there is no cost to ratepayers?

“With such high visitation envisaged for the site, does that mean that there is an income stream to council into the future?

“Everyone knows that these are issues that must be discussed, but council continues to refuse to open up on the detail.

“There will be many issues covered through a development application process, but in order to get to that stage, other agreements will be required.

“This is the process that should be opened up for scrutiny.

“My fear is that our community will only learn of what we have signed up to after it is approved, at which point it is all too late to say we have a problem,” Cr Guile said.

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