Tracy shows her muscles for Sydney body building gold

BOMADERRY personal trainer Tracy Murray has returned to the sport of bodybuilding and has already claimed gold at a Sydney competition. 

More commonly known around the area as ‘Trainer Tracy’, Murray competed at the International Natural Bodybuilding Association Sydney Championships last weekend.

This was held in conjunction with a Health and Fitness Expo at Darling Harbour.

Murray competed in two rounds on stage.

The first was a symmetry round, where she had to stand still and judges looked at proportions. The other was made up of poses which best show off the competitor’s physique.

Although there were only three entrants in her round, Murray easily took home the gold and was among 180 competitors on the day.

During her previous bodybuilding stint between 2003 and 2008, Murray had competed at the Australian championships six times, with second being her highest place.

Murray admitted she decided to get back into the sport for a personal challenge.

She said that whereas many body builders restrict food groups from their diet in the lead-up to a championship, she chose to eat her usual healthy diet but restrict portion sizes.

Although Murray said the competition was not the be all and end all, she was proud of the win considering she was not feeling confident the day before the competition. 

“I wasn’t confident going into the competition because I didn’t feel lean enough and I wasn’t doing what I normally would do to prepare for a competition,” she said.

Murray said that although the perception of body builders is a lot of weights, for her the main challenge was to get leaner while maintaining her muscle mass.

“Lots of people think women body builders have big muscles. But it is all about lifting weights to shape, proportion and sculpt the body, and then showing off the muscles by getting leaner,” she said.

In the lead-up to the championships, Murray faced a moment of hesitation where she was not sure whether her way of preparing would have her ready come competition day. 

“But I wanted to prove to my personal training clients that I could do it a certain way, so I kept going and I am proud of what I have done,” she said.   

The Sydney competition was a warm-up to the INBA City National Championships at Castle Hill in June.

If Murray finishes in the top three she will compete at the Australian championships in October. 

“I wanted to specially thank Trevor from Vitamin Select for his support,” she said.

As well as bodybuilding, Murray is busy planning the 2014 Shoalhaven Women in Sport Calendar.

After the success of the 2013 calendar launched last year, which raised funds for Bali Kids and the Breast Cancer Foundation, she is searching for new sportswomen to appear in the 2014 calendar.

If you would like to nominate yourself or someone you know, contact ‘Trainer Tracy’ via Facebook.

IRON WOMAN: Tracy Murray shows off her newest trophy won at the International Natural Bodybuilding Association Sydney Championships.

IRON WOMAN: Tracy Murray shows off her newest trophy won at the International Natural Bodybuilding Association Sydney Championships.