DJs employ social media to lure Ellen

LOCAL radio station Power FM, through its breakfast show The Buzz with Chris and Carly, has launched a social media campaign to get Ellen DeGeneres to visit the Shoalhaven when she comes to Australia in March.

The aim is to get 1 million likes on its Facebook page.

Already they have attracted more than 1000 likes and 200 shares.

“We thought it would be really cool if we could get Ellen to come to the Shoalhaven while she’s in Australia,” breakfast announcer Chris Sewell said.

“We only put it up at lunchtime Monday and already it’s proving popular,” co-host Carly Portch said.

The 13-time Emmy Award winner, supported by Swisse Wellbeing and Qantas, will bring her show to Australia along with 400 fans.

The pair admitted they got the idea from a similar campaign in the US, in which a young girl wanted a puppy but had to get 1 million hits to convince her father.

She achieved her goal and the

local radio announcers hope the Shoalhaven will also get behind

their campaign.

“Ellen’s not coming until March so we have about two months to get our numbers,” Carly said.

“We have been in contact with people from Swisse who are bringing her to Australia and they said her itinerary hasn’t been finalised and we asked them to keep an eye on our Facebook efforts,” she said.

The pair said they had also sent their idea to Ellen’s staffers but were yet to hear back.

“How good would it be for our area if someone like Ellen came here and spent some time during her visit?” Chris said.

The Power team is also looking at producing a short, minute-long DVD that would show off the benefits and the beauty of the Shoalhaven.

“We have things like the whitest sand in the world at Hyams Beach and many of the other beautiful places around the Shoalhaven,” Chris said.

“We are also asking our Facebook followers to come up with suggestions of where she should film and who should be in it; who knows there may even be a chance for locals to take part?” Carly said.

The pair said people recognised iconic Australian places like Uluru, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. “Well, we have Red Rock, two bridges over the Shoalhaven River and some great beaches,” they joked.

“We have posted the idea on our Facebook page and it is taking off. We have sent it to friends around the world and hopefully they can get the campaign rolling internationally as well,” Carly said.

Ellen is often up for crazy ideas and stunts and, who knows, this one might just attract her attention.

“If she comes one of us will get an

E tattoo to mark the occasion,”

Carly said.

And if the TV star did visit the Shoalhaven what would be on

the agenda?

“We would take her around to all the places we showed her in the DVD, things like a dolphin watch cruise, take her to the whitest sand and of course have a big open day outside broadcast, it could be huge,” Chris said.

Ellen is set to arrive in Australia on March 15.

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