Heads residents want eyesore gone

SHOALHAVEN Heads residents are fed up with the eyesore created by the vandalising of former holiday units on the corner of Staples and McIntosh streets.

“Something has to be done about it. It is an absolute eyesore,” said Anne-Louise O’Conner, member of the Shoalhaven Heads Community Forum.

“It’s on the main road that people go past to get to the surf club and the main road down to the beach,” she said.

The rental properties, owned by the Australian Postal Institute, API, Leisure and Lifestyle, were once used by staff but have become dilapidated and vandalised. Shoalhaven City Council has deemed the units, which are surrounded by temporary fencing, secure but Ms O’Connor is concerned vandals are still getting in.

“They say that they have secured the block with fencing but there have been squatters living in there,” she said.

Ken Merrifield, president of the Shoalhaven Heads Chamber of Commerce and Tourism, was concerned that every time a fibro sheet broke off asbestos fibres were released.

“At the moment it looks like a third world country. Inside it is absolutely disgusting,” he said.

Shoalhaven City Council development and planning manager Robert Russell said cleanups had removed the loose fibro, however as the site had not been deemed ruinous, it was unlikely any order to demolish would be unsuccessful.

“We are confident that there is no risk associated with the state of the property at this time,” he said.

Two development applications have been submitted for the site. One has been approved for 36 serviced apartments, 10 residential units, restaurants, parking and a swimming pool. The second is from API for a property subdivision, however it is undetermined.

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